Answering a few very frequently asked design questions

November 2, 2018

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be answering a few very frequently asked questions. I am discussing a few beginner issues and gradually with time, I will look into advanced issues.

Questions 1:

– For the beginners is it wise to start working on ThemeForest or Portfolio sites?

– Should I upload real short projects on the Dribble or 2/3 section creative shorts?

– What to do to have a gentle portfolio?

In my opinion, starting in the Themeforest is not a very wise idea. If we grow up working the same pattern, this will keep a Themeforest impact on our work.

Most of the designs on ThemeForest are related to Agency or Corporate design style. While working on something new these structures or styles will have a footprint on your signature work.

I recommend Dribble, Behance, Uplab, for the beginners. Variety of designs are available, Can have an easy comparison between top-level designers and lower level designers.

Only uploading real projects on Dribble doesn’t actually matter. Hobby or idea based projects or other projects also should be uploaded. There are different clients with different perspectives. It is wise to upload all types of designs.

Question 2:

Though you use icons from websites like flaticon, noun projecticon8 etc still your icons look customized. How do you customize and adjust icons with your design

Basically while choosing icons I avoid the mixing of Bold and Light icons. Either I go for all lights or all bolds. It looks beautiful and balanced. I search icons from flaticon or noun-project or icon8 but hardly I get icons completely fulfills my need. Most of the times I get 40/50% satisfaction from these icons. Due to get the best satisfaction I customize those icons adding colors, multicolor or a background shadow etc. I also make icon according to the product or any special requirements. And not only the icons whenever you’ll look over the entire website it’ll look great with the customization.

Question 3:

There is a very interesting question about maintaining a balance between personal life and design life.

There can a lot of things going on in my personal life. A lot of difficulties and sadness. One must try not to mix this two lives together. If you think about the career and the design, it’s your profession. No matter, whatever happens, you always should stick to your profession.

You should respects the design as much as you respects your parents! Your parents are raised you up and helped you to live. After the family life, you lives another life which is design life. Designing is a complete part of my soul. That’s how it works. If you love it love it at your best. Give design at least one hour daily. It’s no big deal and you’ll have enough space for your own life. Whatever you do keep in mind that you are the one in control and you keep it balanced.

let me share you something very interesting. The procedures we follow to work in my startup design agency. If it’s a big project preliminary our business team receives the client. Business team analysis the project and then send the project to a team called Core UX. This team only work on the core parts and then they send the project to another UX team who basically work on the wireframe. This UX team collaboratively works with the Core UX team to create the basic wireframe. After the wireframe period, the visual team takes the work control of the project. The visual team sends the project to the motion designing team and after doing essentials stuffs motion team return the project to the visual team. At this stage the visual team checks everything about the project, if necessary they give feedbacks. The development team is the last team in this cycle who actually makes the project live.

There is a purpose I am sharing this with all of you.

I usually hear a thing that the development team often compromises the main design by 50% or 70%. To be very honest we the designers are responsible for this.

Whenever you submit a design you should provide adequate documentation for motion, gird, style guide. Following this, the live form of your design will be the same.

It is actually a bit complex for me to answer every question.

Still, I’ll try my best to come to you all energetic people with the answers to your questions.