True Story behind “My Designing Career”

November 5, 2018

I was born in a small town called Sunamganj in the east corner of the beautiful country Bangladesh. I am from an ordinary middle-class family. My parents are school teachers. I grew up along with my two younger brothers.

According to the situation of our country, it is very difficult to maintain a family of three grown children and their education expenses with the insufficient earnings of school teachers. As the eldest son of the family, I had a lot of responsibilities to maintain.

I didn’t get the opportunity to study in a Public University. My mother admitted me to Metropolitan University Sylhet to study B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering. As it was a private university, education was pretty much expensive there.

After a few days, I was being able to realise that this study expense had become a great burden on the shoulders of my parents. I was studying CSE but I had no computer of my own! I used to complete my works on university computers or borrowing friends laptops. I don’t know why I have always searched on Google “Design”, “Best Designers”, “Design Article” instead of programming languages or codes. I didn’t like the ‘C’ language or coding that much though my parents wanted me to be a good software engineer. I was eager finding a way to become a great designer and to let the world know about my existence.

I was pretty much frustrated about my future. I didn’t have any idea about what to do or how…

I was completely confused about my work.

To be a programmer ? Or to be a Designer ?

I didn’t have my own laptop to work so I asked my father about buying me a laptop. Finally, a few days later my father bought me a Windows PC but it was with very low-end configuration. It was comfortable for coding but completely difficult for practicing designing. Every time I tried to work on photoshop It used to restart!

I cried for a bunch of times that I couldn’t practice designing. Still, I didn’t lose hope there. I started watching different tutorials on youtube and kept searching different designs in google. Then I actually didn’t hear about Behance or Dribble. I started sketching my own designs with a pencil on notebooks! Every night I used to stay awake and sketch my own designs. After a month I had almost 150 sketches of my own. Then I thought to bring them into real design.

After 2 months I told my father “Father, I will be a designer. Can you give me money to buy a laptop ?” … I knew that it was so difficult for him to buy me a laptop. But surprisingly my father didn’t refuse me and also had asked for seven days! I was completely astonished hearing that answer. After two days I had found a man who was about to sell his laptop and I did buy that.

After having my own laptop I challenged myself to be a good designer. I started working hard. Until then I watched a lot of tutorials and searched a lot of design in google but I had no clue about the Behance and the Dribbble world. One day a person named Mizanur Rahman got me introduced to Behance and Dribbble. I was so surprised to see the designs on Behance and Dribbble! It was the turning point of my designing life. I started bringing my all sketches into live designs using Photoshop and also continued following the designs on Behance and Dribbble. I made a strong determination of working six months in full rhythm. I used to design whole night and my university CGPA started going downwards.

Though my CGPA was low I didn’t stop designing because my parents were supporting me with their best. But they were a bit anxious about my carrier. Sometimes I discovered myself hanging in the middle of two boats. I had only two options, to be a good UI and UX designer or to start searching for an average job for a living.

Believe it or not, I started working 15–16 hours per day only on my designs. After two months I realised that I was improving. Then I opened my Behance account and published one of my works. I didn’t get more than four likes. I kept uploading my works on Behance. But my profile didn’t get significant likes, views or followers. I was frustrated thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be a good UI and UX designer. I took more than a year to study a vast amount of UI designs of others designers and started reading a lot of related articles. After five months I noticed that most of the workflows are same in the designing world. Like for a landing page, I noticed the design structure were mostly same.

Then I made a plan of coming out with a different style of my own to get attention. I started designing again with an out of the box texture. In 25 days I was done with my 100th sketch of out of the box designs and also started making samples using photoshop. I was working hard to reach my desired point.

After few months I started publishing them and noticed that the other designers and people had started liking them. I made a plan to make a landing page for any upcoming noticeable invention.

I made Google Home landing page when I saw the Google home live conference. This design had changed my life.

That was so simple but after that design, I was offered to work for a lot of clients and local design firms. I also started to create Out of the box design ideas and started publishing them in Behance. Last 1 year I realised that If you have any idea of your own then please try it at least 10 times to make it happen.

Today my parents are so happy with my position and also my design works. Though still, I am trying to improve myself better and better.